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Featured on Feb 24, 2011

Scott Britton

"If you wait to do everything until you're sure its right, you'll probably never do much of anything."


Business, man at YouAre.TV. Recent college grad trying to make it in the NYC startup scene. I started school wanting to be Johnny finance, I left school wanting to be Jerry McGuire, but turns out neither was my cup of tea. I've hit my stride in the startup scene and can't be more grateful to be surrounded by so many innovative people. Now just trying to make things happen!

  • Title: Business Development at YouAre.TV
  • Age: 22
  • Location: East Village
  • Contact: @ScottBrit

You were a highly sought out all-state recruit at both linebacker and running back in high school.  How did you end up deciding that Princeton is the right school for you? Any particular moment from your days playing football at Princeton stand out?

I knew I wanted to play college football and when Pete Carroll & friends didn't come a knocking, I decided that I wanted to try and look for the best combination of academics and athletics. Princeton definitely met this criteria and I felt the most comfortable there of all the schools I looked at. During the playing days, I'd have to say beating Yale to clinch the Ivy League Championship my freshman year is pretty near and dear to my heart. Everyone stormed the field on their turf. Sorry Yalies, but that one was sweet.

There is are a lot of tech events going on in the City these days. Are there any that you recommend that people put on their "do not miss" list?

I'm a big fan more intimate events where you can easily have meaningful conversations. That being said, I really enjoy the General Assembly happy hour and the burgeoning "We Work After Dark" event. I've gotten a chance to know a lot of people doing really cool things through both.

Back in January you wrote about this idea of baking cookies and offering them to people as a way to meet everyone at General Assembly, the co-working space that you work at now.  Did you end up doing this yourself?  If so, how did it go and can you name everyone on the floor?

I can't take credit for this flash of brilliance. Apparently this trick was pioneered by my friend Rameet Chawla and I thought it was clever so I wrote about it. I've been thinking about emulating this in a different way, but haven't gotten around to it...if anyone knows any good recipes a broke startup guy can swing let me know...

You grew up in PA and went to school in Jersey.  How did you end up at YouAre.TV in New York City?

After a fledgling stint trying to be Jerry McGuire at a sports agency in Chicago, I realized I had aspirations to be an entrepreneur. At the time, the next logical step to me was to immerse myself in a startup to learn the ropes. I went to school with Josh  our founder and basically cold-called him begging to be a part of YouAre.TV (formerly CollegeOnly) in a parking lot during my lunch break. When his partner gave me the nod, I quit my job the next day and moved back to PA with the folks that weekend. I commuted/couch-surfed for awhile until I finally had enough dough to move up here. It was one the best decisions I ever made.

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