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Featured on Nov 17, 2010

Glen Coates

"I don't want no FOP! I'm a Dapper Dan man!"


Another Aussie crowding up the subway

  • Title: SRE (, CEO / Janitor (Handshake)
  • Age: 29
  • Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Contact:

What are the top 3 sites you HAVE to visit each day?, so I can watch what is essentially porn and say that I'm "arty.", so I can induce sobbing fits in myself when I realise how much I miss the beach. And Google Reader, so I can pretend to myself that I'm vaguely staying current with tech news when in fact most of the time I only hear about something by the time it makes the Colbert Report

What's your favorite startup that's currently here in NYC? because I'm working for them and that's instantly worth 1,000,000 points

What will you be doing with Will it distract you from your own app, Handshake?

I will be making sure the whole thing doesn't catch on fire and explode into a thousand little toasty pieces. Everything is a distraction from everything else... but when I'm 35 and impotent, won't I be glad I spent all my glory years working on the internets?

Last question, how do you tell the difference between an Australian accent, New Zealand accent, and a British accent?

It's easy: the british one sounds like if it asked you to get on a prison ship to the other side of the planet, you would be like "of course." The australian one sounds like it would say "whatever, I wanted to be put on a prison ship anyway, joke's on you" and the new zealand one goes "why won't anyone try to put me on a prison ship?"

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