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Featured on Jan 08, 2011

Hack Club NYC - 1/14/11

"No business cards. No recruiters. No spoon."


Tired of geek events where there's more talking than grokking? Come tweak out on caffeinated marshmallows and build LEGO robots in our secret business cards allowed!

Hack Club is an occasional gathering where geeks can meet each other and bond over the sheer joy of dreaming big, learning, and creating.  Come roll up your sleeves and lose track of time with other equally excited and creative people! In our first ever Hack Club, LEGO provides the Mindstorms, we provide the battlefield and the caffeine, and you provide the kickass robots.

What: LEGO Mindstorm Robot Showdown
When: 9PM, 1/14/11 to 9AM, 1/15/11
Location: Solve this puzzle to find out!