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Featured on Dec 29, 2010

Jeremy Fisher

"You rarr what you eat"


I'm the Founder of Dinevore, we help people give and get restaurant recommendations. If you’re average, you eat out 200 times a year, and you spend an inordinate amount of time figuring out where to go. That’s a relatively new phenomenon in most places, but growing up in New York, I’ve always thought about restaurants that way. Plus, I'm the child of two therapists, so I guess giving advice is in my genes.

How did you come up with the name of Dinevore?  We love your branding, what's your method for coming up with the names Dinevore, Dinescore, TastyRex, etc...?

You can save yourself a lot of time if you accept the fact that you’re going to have to make up a word. I wanted a name that was a portmanteau related to food and restaurants, so I pulled out a pen and paper and started combining. Mainly, I chose Dinevore because it sounds like “dinosaur,” and I’ve always loved dinosaurs. It’s a fun name, and I knew immediately that the logo had to be a dinosaur and that I wanted to extend that image to the rest of the brand—Dinescore, TastyRex etc. If you want to get really deep, both morphemes (dine and vore) mean “to eat;” so, there’s this idea that eating can, and should, be an end in itself. Eat to eat.

What's your favorite startup that's currently here in NYC?

I’m interested in curation and in the intersection of online and offline behavior. My favorite New York startups—Foursquare, exfm and Hashable—are focused on one or both of those.

What are the top 3 sites you HAVE to visit each day?

Is it possible not to visit Gmail, Facebook and Twitter everyday? If it were, I would say Pivotal Tracker, Quora and Dinevore, because hey, a guy’s gotta eat.

In your opinion, who is the one person here in New York that we should all keep our eyes on for great things to come in 2011?

Look out for Kathryn Tucker, the founder of Red Rover. She’s focused on a neglected market segment that she really understands, and she’s got an incredible background and product vision. We’ll be hearing a lot more about her this coming year.