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Featured on Jul 30, 2012

justin j. moses

"fighting an uphill battle against capitalization. "


1998: finish high school in sydney. i like computers and being in control, figure i'll make a good programmer.

1999-02: working hard, computing science. find a cool startup; disrupt. finish study. burn out.

2002: buy a bicycle and ride to perth. play more guitar, start piano, learn to read music.

2003-05: study again, classical guitar and composition.

2005: creating more satisfying than performing. dabbling back in web in my spare time.

2006: feeling the need to travel. back in web, earning my keep. tinkering with .net.

2007: live in japan, freelancing web. leave to travel the world.

2008: back in sydney, decide to hunker down. dabble in dark powers - specialize in flash.

2009: live the dream, start a company. love the control. miss my life.

2010: dream dies a slow death. contracting again. life resumes. follow a lead and end up consulting in new york.

2011: working hard. playing hard. new york city. (flash dies, web is back.)

2012: want to meet more creatives. work with friend on tilt; simulating a live market and with game elements. turning the startup life into a one day sojourn.

2013: wondering through the future. writing everything down. (nfc touchdown. qr codes die by the way side. dwolla takes off. apple television fails to arrive.)

  • Title: write, code; speak" opine.
  • Age: 31
  • Location: West Village
  • Contact: @justinjmoses

Are most people that sign up for tilt events people who are already involved in startups or in the corporate sector?  What are some of the most interesting idea that's come out of tilt?

it's about 60 / 40 - those in the corporate sector interesting in trying their hand at a startup, and those already in the scene, looking for more exposure to angels, VCs and other creatives.

at our last event, we tilted on the nyc rental market. one team queried us on whether or not "rentals" were limited to domiciles. they then proceeded to create a concept that was essentially an Airbnb for musical equipment. while they didn't win the day, as a musician with some useful gear lying dormant, i definitely saw the value-add of their proposal.  

my other favourite was at one of our dry-run events. a team took the theme of an interactive learning product and applied it to corporate on-boarding processes - with gamification thrown it. 

I know you wrote that creating was more interesting than performing, but do you still play the guitar or the piano? Who are your favorite musicians?

i've brought a couple of guitars to america with me, though i confess i don't play as much as i'd like - finding time (and a place) to play music in this city is no mean feat. as for favorite musicians, i tend to be most fascinated by those who are both performers and composers, rather than the virtuosos. my favourite classical guitarist, composer and arranger is Roland Dyens (he's a bit scary-looking but truly talented - other than that, i admire singer/songwriters such as Jeff Magnum and Neil Finn. and i'm also a die-hard post-rock fan.    

Let's talk about the future you predicted for 2013. In this world where QR codes die by the way side and Dwolla takes off, where do you see tilt? Do you think tilt can go worldwide and help burgeoning tech scenes grow faster?

like most startups, tilt has shifted a lot from where we first began. originally, it began as a way to better mix our networks of creatives. since then, it has grown into a full blown startup simulation, complete with a virtual market and investment. it's hard to say where it will be next year, but i daresay that it will catch on in growing tech scenes, particularly as it gives every participant a chance to show what they can do. marketers, strategists and designers have enjoyed it in particular because it puts them on an even keel with developers, allowing them to demonstrate what they bring to a startup. developers on the other hard, are able to share their understanding of product without having to focus on the actual code all night long.

tilt is very nyc-centric. it appeals in particular to characters from this colorful city of individuals. i suspect that the challenges of immediately working with a team of strangers, creating under pressure and pitching concepts to seasoned investors are those that new yorkers would relish over others. time will tell where 2013 sees us, but hopefully by open sourcing our virtual market app, and continuing our social events, we'll grow this budding community into a network of solid creative talent with strong ties and imaginative product blueprints.