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Featured on May 29, 2012

Serge Kassardjian

"follow your heart using your head"


Member of original Google Wallet launch team focused on merchant partnerships. Currently work on incubation businesses in Google's GeoCommerce division, working specifically on Payments and Offers. Formerly a Venture Capital at Globespan Capital Partners and Corporate Development Director in Sony Music's Global Digital Business. Harvard MBA, Stanford Engineer.

It must have been exciting to be part of the original Google Wallet launch team! Can you tell us a little more about the expansion plans for Google Wallet?

Working on Google Wallet has felt like working at a start-up within Google. We began as a very small team and have grown quickly. Its a very exciting space as we are focused on the cross section of two white hot markets-mobile convergence and next generation payments. The team is very tight knit and works cross functionally throughout engineering and business areas. Its been thrilling to watch a vision on paper turn into a product being widely used and spoken about.

I noticed you were a Lakers fan- have you been keeping up with the NBA Playoffs and the Lakers' performance? What do you think? As a new New Yorker, were you involved in Linsanity or did you stay true to the Lakers?

I was raised in LA and the Lakers are my team across all sports! I try to never miss a game. The last two years in the playoffs were a bit disappointing, but I will always stick by my team and have faith we will be back. My favorite Laker of all time is Nick Van Exel and we need a current Laker to bring back his shadow boxing routine to add some energy. Linsanity was fun to watch, but my loyalties are with the Purple and Gold.

You've worked (and are currently still working at) some pretty major companies like Google and Sony. Have you ever had the desire to work at a small startup or even start your own tech company?

Our team at Google feels and operates like a startup given that we are building a brand new business and product from the ground up. Also, in my previous life in venture capital, I use to spend a lot of time with portfolio companies helping with business development efforts and go to market strategies, getting very involved with their management teams to meet objectives. Also at Sony, I spent a lot of time working with start-ups such as Spotify and Vevo, getting our content on their platforms.

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