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Featured on Dec 15, 2010

Brian Wang

"Small steps are not enough."


I'm the co-founder of Fitocracy; our one mission is to get you addicted to your fitness. It's basically my excuse to merge two passions of mine: fitness and gaming. I also occasionally play a little bit of guitar.

If Fitocracy had an intern for 3 months, what skill-sets would be most important to you at this very early stage in your company?

They have to have extreme ninja star throwing skills because nothing makes a product stickier than sharp metal objects. Beyond that, I'd look for a great eye for design and an obsession for creating great user experiences. The thing about Fitocracy is we ask a bit more from the user than clicking around to harvest crops, or whatever it is Farmville has you do. The interaction has to be enjoyable, not a chore. Communication that sells is also a really important trait; whether it's arguing a position in the office or getting people excited about Fitocracy, the person has to be able to sell their ideas succinctly and convincingly.

Of all the blog posts, Tumblrs, Tweets, FB updates, and Xangas that you read, is there a topic that is currently under addressed?

This is probably a function of what I follow, but for some reason, all of the people I read talk about either hipster indie music or house & trance music. Most people don't know this upon first meeting me but I'm a huge metal head and it feels a bit lonely sometimes, haha.

If you were offered an extra 4 hours per day for a year (maybe through some kind of magical sleep doubling device) or $50,000, which would you take?

The extra 4 hours a day in a heartbeat. Time is our most precious commodity and there can never be enough of it. My head spins with the thoughts of what I could do with that kind of affordance.

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