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Featured on Oct 11, 2011

Kelly Sutton

"I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have. - Thomas Jefferson"


Kelly Sutton is a software developer living in New York City. He created one of the world's largest student-run sites, HackCollege. He's garnered international attention for a minimalism experiment, Cult of Less. Most recently, Kelly worked to create simple version control for designers, LayerVault.

You wrote a post titled “Ideas Aren’t Worthless” where you explained how some ideas are inherently worth something and that LayerVault is one of those.  How did you and Allan come up with the idea with LayerVault and the decision to actually build it?

Allan and I had worked on many projects before on nights and weekends. We got the idea for LayerVault from a thread on Quora. Allan asked me if he thought I could build something that could solve this common problem for designers. I had a prototype to show off the next morning.

What applications do you have open when you are working?

I try to keep things pretty barebones in my workflow. I mostly operate out of Terminal and TextMate for LayerVault. Any web testing I will do in Google Chrome. Sometimes I will jump into VIM.

On the list of Everything Kelly Sutton Owns from the Cult of Less website, what was the one item on there that you sold that you missed the most?

Probably my bike. While living and going to school in LA, I found that a bike was the perfect way to get around and avoid all the traffic. I don't miss it much; the NYC subway system is amazing.

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