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Featured on Sep 13, 2011

Andrew Mager

"Music charms the soul"


Just moved to Brooklyn from the bay area, working for Spotify as a developer community manager. I'm excited to explore the New York tech scene! My previous companies are SimpleGeo, ESPN, CBS Interactive and Ning.

  • Title: Developer Community Manager, Spotify
  • Age: 27
  • Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • Contact: @mager

In your Twitter profile you mention “exploding the NYC tech scene.”  What are some of your favorite startups here in the City?

My favorite NY startups are foursquare,, Percolate, Sonar, Fashism, Dubset, Nodejitsu, and Lyst, to name a few.

You’re our first developer community manager on We Are NY Tech.  Can you give us a brief rundown of your responsibilities and plans?

A "developer" community manager does things that a regular community manager does, except he interacts with developers. I do everything from coding examples, to blog posts, to attending and organizing meetups. The developer community is extremely fun to network within because everyone is working on really cool projects, and I feel like I'm exposed to them every day. Building out a developer community from scratch, like I'm doing at Spotify (and did at SimpleGeo), is an exciting challenge that I'm proud to accept and conquer.

We saw a recent instragram of yours where you could see the light towers.  Do you remember where you were on 9/11?  

I was just recently interviewed by a friend at ABC News to answer that same question. My answer is linked from this tweet:!/mager/status/112158785530892288. In a sentence, I bursted into my 11th grade chemistry class and proceeded to inform everyone I knew that bad things were happening and they needed to be aware.

You work for Spotify, so it's probably a good idea we ask you about music.  Tunes of choice to code to?

I'm usually on the bleeding edge of hiphop, grabbing the latest mixtapes from Datpiff and Mixfiend. Since Spotify doesn't have mixtapes (yet), my current flavors are Watch The Throne from Jay-Z and Kanye (, and 21st century blues riffs from Gary Clark Jr ( You can find my "Jams" playlist here:

Developer Community Manager