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Featured on Aug 16, 2011

Liz Presson

"Don't let dreams be dreams. - Jack Johnson "


Creative problem solver and startup advocate. I'm passionate about companies that have a mission to change the world. Currently, I'm using social media to help NYC's best SMBs as the Client Happiness Manager for iConnect. I've worked with Skillshare to drive a learning revolution, and I'm currently spreading musical inspiration with Family Records. 

Amber Rae has had a big impact in your life. How did you two first meet? How did you end up working together at iConnect?

She most definitely has! I first followed Amber through Twitter and began reading her blog. *Thank you social media for helping me connect with amazing mentors and friends.* Every time she posted something new, I felt totally connected to her ideas and her zest for life. Not too long after initially following her blog, I joined the Domino Project Street Team. I got to know Amber through her communication with the street team. One day, she posted about the Passion Experiment-- I was ready to try some new things in life and thought I'd give it a shot. I became the first client of the Passionate Experiment, and Amber and I really clicked and worked well together. When the opportunity came up, Amber asked me to join the iConnect team as the first employee. The next day I quit my job and started making plans for the move to NYC.

It sounds like you’ve recently moved to NYC and are enjoying it. What’s one thing you wish somebody had told you about the city before moving in?

I'm totally loving NYC! My first lesson was that Manhattan is much bigger than you think. I was set to live in a place deep in Harlem and thought it was no big deal. I sent Amber the location and she quickly responded, "OH NO GET OUT OF THIS!" with how I should cancel the contract as well as 5 craigslist posts of possible places in lower Manhattan. Now I live in Chelsea. :) 

How did you first get connected with Family Records?

I started following Wesley on Twitter, and it just so happens that he and Amber are great friends, so we had that mutual connection. I absolutely love what Family Records does and represents, and I knew I wanted to get involved somehow. One day, I remembered a life changing experience I had at a concert as a teenager (one of the many, I was a concert junkie). I thought, everyone needs to share their experiences with music that have changed their life. I pitched the idea to Wesley, and now we're working on a pretty awesome and inspiring project together.

You have a long list of life to-dos on your blog, and a lot of the items include learning something knew. What is the biggest thing you wish you knew how to do?

I want to, no I need to, learn how to surf. I tried to surf when I was younger, but I really want to learn and develop the skills. I love the water and I feel like surfers have such a deep connection with the ocean. That will be me, someday (soon). 

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