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Featured on Aug 15, 2011

Emily Gannett

"When you hit a wall, just kick it in. - Patti Smith"


I plan events that take place in real life and bridge the digital and physical worlds. People say they’re fun. I run marathons & IRL Productions.

  • Title: President & Co-Founder of IRL Productions, Co-Founder of Change the Ratio
  • Age: 31
  • Location: Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens
  • Contact: @emilygannett

What kind of things do event planners do to get inspiration or brainstorm ideas for an event? What was the most unique idea for a party or event that you have seen?

We go out a lot to see what other people are doing, what works and what doesn't. Most of the events I come up with are really just what I would like to do. I love the idea of events that include an activity and then adding in interactive and social elements that make it easier to share the experiences on social network.

The most unique party? I'm working on that now! Steve Greenwood and I were brainstorming last night. He thinks there is going to be a resurgance of themed parties from our youth. I'm betting on a gymnastics party. Alli Mooney and I have talked about a party called Shots n' Shots, where you drink and then go to a firing range. Think I can get it sponsored? Or is that not a good look for a brand? ;)

What are your favorite mobile and web apps?

Foursquare -- I love to check out the tips, see where everyone is and if I'm missing anything. I definitely have FOMO.

Instagram -- I'm living vicariously through my friends' photo streams. My friends are so creative. And filters make everyone look good.

Spotify -- It's the ultimate music library. I have yet to encounter a song that isn't on Spotify.

Exit Strategy -- I use this all the time. I can plan where to stand on the subway platform and saves me so much time traveling. Plus, it works without an internet connection.

HBOGo -- I can watch True Blood and The Wire on my ipad (I'm up to season 4)! It works so well that I cancelled cable when I got the app.

Also a huge fan of FASHISM, my friends' Brooke Moreland and Ashley Granata's start-up that lets shoppers get instant feedback about what they're wearing and purchasing. I'm really excited about apps focused on women and shopping. Change The Ratio, which I co-founded with Rachel Sklar, seeks to promote female entrepreneurs just like Brooke and Ashley.

What’s your secret for preparing for marathons? 

Consistent training. The only way I can do it is by making a training schedule and sticking to it. It requires a lot of discipline but its worth it.  I think you can make the training fun -- I love organizing long group runs with friends and then planning a big brunch afterwards. I'm usually thinking about out what I'm going to eat when I'm done for the last 5 miles of the run.  

Founder, President