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Featured on Nov 30, 2010

Lauren Leto

"Keep it simple, keep it fun."


Co-founder of Bnter and Texts From Last Night

  • Title: CEO of Bnter and Texts From Last Night
  • Age: 24
  • Location: West Village
  • Contact: @laurenleto

Your new book Judging a Book by Its Lover is set to come out in 2011. Can you give us a quick run-through of your writing process for this book?

It's actually coming out in early 2012 (after the holiday season)! I had about a quarter of it done when I sent in the proposal. Now, I fill in the sections I hadn't yet finished by going to bookstores and talking with people who are lingering around those areas. It's just as creepy as it sounds.

You recently hosted an event titled the Bnter Gameshow at your office in The Makery. How'd you come up with the three competitions (Spelling Bee, "Guess that Emoji," and Speed Texting (taking a shot and texting a Kanye lyric that's shown on a ppt slide)? Also, you guys served Four Loko thereā€¦ flavor of choice?

Patrick and I were talking about ideas for different competitions and we couldn't settle on our favorite so we decided to do all three. It was an amazing night and all the teams brought a lot of energy. I haven't drank any Four Loko because I'm awful at drinking (lightweight) but everyone else who drank it said the taste was like an energy drink (not good).

You moved to New York about a year after launching Texts from Last Night. How did you end up choosing New York over other cities like San Francisco or LA?

I love New York, everything is open late and I can walk anywhere. I wouldn't live anywhere else.

Your tumblr is titled Things That Scare Lauren Leto and you start off by listing out a lot of things that scare you (heights, the dark, driving, people who put their hands down garbage disposals, etc.). So what is the thing that you are scared of the most?

Driving. I hate being in cars.