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Featured on May 31, 2011

Carrie Hamerslag

"If today is the day that you decide to jump off a cliff, you'll either be given wings to fly or a ledge to land."


I’m the daughter of a talented artist and a tech entrepreneur turned tech venture capitalist-- I'm somewhere in between the two! I have a love of art, fashion, and everything tech.

I work at the online video network Tremor Media, and my job is to make sure that you are watching an ad in front of your videos online (don't hate me!) I love the start up energy and the type of people who are drawn to that type of environment. It is so inspiring to go to the NY tech events to see first hand, the next hot companies develop in the best city!

I grew up in San Diego and studied Economics and Women's Studies at UCLA-- I only miss the West Coast for my family/friends/weather/Mexican food-- please contact me if you know of great Mexican food in the city!

  • Title: Regional Sales Manager, Tremor Media
  • Age: 26
  • Location: West Village
  • Contact:, @carriehammer

As someone who is involved in several groups supporting working women, what is your opinion on the working environment for women in NYC? What are the pros and cons of working as a woman in NYC? How do you think the environment can be improved?

The working environment in NYC is a fast paced environment for both men and women but women have historically had fewer resources and sponsorship opportunities than men. I am passionate about organizing working and entrepreneurial women together in forum-like and supportive environments to help subsidize these resources.

One of the pros of being a woman in business these days is that these resources are growing by the leaps and bounds. Great female centric resources are popping up all over the place like: Little Pink Book, The Glass Hammer, Pretty Young Professional, LearnVest, etc. A con of being a woman working in NYC is that there is still a gender inequity (you can visibly see at tech events) Through the great resources above, and growing participation of women in tech and other male dominated fields we can #changetheratio!!

What are some of the challenges women face when working in technology-related fields? What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

I believe that women face societal challenges of not being presented with opportunities from an early age and that affects career paths down the road. The best way for us to overcome these societal roadblocks is to truly let our children know that they can pursue any career that they want.

I recommend this Berenstein Bears book for children's bedtime reading-- I was read it a thousand times as a child: He Bear, She Bear -- It's old school, but the message holds true: "We can do all these things, you see, Whether we are he or she!"

Who is your personal hero and how has he/she inspired your work?

Sounds extremely cheesy but my Mom has been an extreme inspiration to me in my life and my work. She started her own graphic design agency after college (when no one would hire her in the Mad Men era). She went on to help build a business with my father and then has reinvented herself now as a fine artist. She has taught me that if I want anything badly enough I can go get it!

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