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Featured on Jun 02, 2011

Ron J. Williams

"When you assume you make an ass out of you and your investors. Show me the data."


I'm the CEO & Co-Founder of A retired rapper, perennial math/science geek, and an avid snowboarder, I've worked in Strategy and finance, product innovation, management consulting and have built stuff for others and myself for years. I LOVE the in I try to work it into partnership meetings and casual convo. I'm a born and raised Brooklyn kid with a passion for education reform, shwarma and a newfound almost unhealthy love of Lost.

  • Title: CEO & Co-Founder, SnapGoods
  • Age: 34
  • Location: DUMBO
  • Contact: @ronjdub

On your tumblr page you say that you like funs. Outside of work, what do you do for funs?

Carving mountains on a snowboard in the winter and carving asphalt on a longboard in the Spring/Summer/Fall. Love comedy and live music as I'm an excellent applauder AND heckler.  I've also recently begun to re-engage my amateur photog interests a bit more seriously and have started Snapping up gear on SnapGoods to practice and figure out what the heck to buy.

Your twitter profile mentions that you <3 beer. What are some of your beer recommendations for people who are looking for a good drink this summer?

Awesome places with a sick selection: Brooklyn Ice House and Bar(n). Refreshing, taste-rich beers for a guy who loves IPAs: Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Stone IPA, Hofbrau Maibock (seasonal summer)

One of the problems that new startups run into is user acquisition.  How did you handle this with SnapGoods?  Do you have any advice for first time entrepreneurs?

We're growing fast but still constantly re-evaluating our acquisition and activation funnels.  For us, we've realized it's better to solve a problem really well for a small, invested, well defined community than to kinda-solve a problem for a broad non-descript group.  My advice for new entrepreneurs is: get your ass in gear.  Someone is building some version of your best idea so build, learn and then build again based on what the data tells you.