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Featured on Nov 29, 2010

Orlando Caraballo

"Are you Spanish?"


Raised by tech wolves in the Bronx but born in the Dominican Republic. Sarcasm is my forte and intelligence is a side effect of hunger.

  • Title: Web Developer for Inc. / Fast Company
  • Age: 27
  • Location: Financial District
  • Contact: @omoney

Your hair seems to constantly fluctuate in height, yet always shaped very well. What's it like being the only Dominican in web development?

I like to consider myself a pioneer at whatever I do. I also hold the title for the first Dominican to listen to rock music, wear shoes, graduate high school and eventually college. My hair is just an extension of my workplace attitude. When its long it means I'm slacking whereas when its short it means I'm slacking more often.

Name all the smart phones you've had within these past 2 years.

Htc Evo 4G, Palm Pre, Blackberry Bold (but I have dreams of many other smartphones I would like to experiment with at some point)

What is the coolest or most interesting thing that you have run into recently?

Funny because I haven't posted anything on my blog in so long. Let's see. Well there is my friends twitter page, @shitdougpsays but there haven't been any new posts recently. I do also have many YouTube videos I love to watch. Here are a couple from the archives: Mario and Mr. T Sing by Accident, Mega Man 11: Dashie's Revenge, and BlizzCon's Red Shirt Guy for good measure.

If you could ask a few random questions to anyone in NY, who would it be? If your options of greeting this person were a high-five, chest bump, head-nod or something European, which would you choose to do?

I would ask whoever came up with the designs for the elevator in my office building. Seriously, these things belong on a Tron movie. I would probably give him/her a chest bump before approaching him/her with questions. It makes for a much more interesting arrest.

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