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Featured on Apr 11, 2011

Mitchell Reichgut

"Most people miss opportunity when it knocks bc it comes dressed in overalls, looking suspiciously like work. - Edison"


Mitchell Reichgut is founder and CEO of Jun Group, a premier social video company. The company delivers millions of monthly user-initiated video views through an established and growing channel across social networks, mobile devices, P2P and YouTube. Jun Group’s analytics dashboard, Voyeur, provides real-time insights into shares, Facebook “Likes,” tweets, ratings, comments and geographic data down to the state and town. Founded in 2005, Jun Group’s clients include Fortune 500 brands, major entertainment companies, and media agencies.

  • Title: Founder and CEO, Jun Group
  • Age: 45
  • Location: Midtown
  • Contact: Jun Group

How did Jun Group get started?

The company was founded on the premise that technology would give consumers an increasingly greater ability to avoid advertising. Advertising, therefore, would necessarily need to become more compelling and less interruptive in order to succeed. We've been distributing online video since 2005, and every video view we've ever delivered has been user-initiated.

How has the technology changed since then?

Jun Group's first product was a P2P distribution system that delivered millions of downloads from consumers who actively searched for and selected videos on software such as Limewire, Cabos, Acquistion, and Shareaza. Since then, we've added three distribution channels: social networks, mobile devices, and YouTube. Our targeting and tracking capabilities have advanced dramatically, but our core principals have never changed.

Where do you see online video heading?

As the marketplace matures and expands, we foresee more and more brands moving away from the old interruptive display model towards socialized media that users control. These interactions are far more powerful and will yield measurable benefits that far outweigh the 1940's-style shotgun media approach that still dominates the online advertising landscape.