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Featured on Nov 26, 2010

Matthew Kim

"I made Angry Birds in 2004, but instead of birds out of a slingshot, it was sheep out of a cannon."


Doesn't perspire. Prefers to sleep with head pointing north. Hates fax machines and Olive Garden commercials. Javascript and I have a love-hate relationship. I would love to work with augmented reality one day.

‪You've worked for Dow Jones, UBS, Goldman Sachs, and Reuters, which company served the best lunch?‬

‪UBS cared a lot about food, ‬during the market crash they built a brand new, state-of-the-art cafeteria.  Quesadilla Tuesdays there were the best.  We would get in line really early like 11:30 because by 12 they were gone.  My last day was a Tuesday so I was able to get quesadillas one more time.  I remember one guy, he was always grouchy and angry, but not on Quesadilla Tuesday.

How will Oracle buying up Sun affect the future of Java?

‪I think it can be good because they can invest more into Java, but ‬what I don't like is Oracle fighting with everyone like, "Hey! That's mine you can't have it anymore!"  Oracle can do good things with Java though, look at JRockit JVM, I use it and I think its awesome.

What apps and sites do you have open right now?

Why is my Firefox 597,508 MB?  Brb.  (Editor's note: this interview was conducted over GChat)  The apps I have open in order of memory usage: NetBeans at 528MB, SQL Developer at 493MB, Tomcat at 172MB, 2 PuTTy windows, and 37 Calculator windows.  I don't know why I cant use the same calculator, I have to type "calc" every time.  Its the best program in the world though.

On my browser I have Mantis (The bug tracker), the Ext JS API, and Ask Tom.  He sounds like such an a**hole though, but he's always right.  Have you ever gone there?  He's so pretentious.  "You need to read the example above again (slower)" is one of his answers... who says that?!?!

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