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Featured on Mar 25, 2011

Geoffrey Weg

"There is nothing wrong with sending an email at 3:00AM."


Geoffrey is the Founder of the [very beta] website, which sells limited-edition prints by emerging photographers at affordable prices. A lover of fine art photography, he is also a photographer. Being a student at New York Law School takes up most of his time, where he is focusing on Internet Law and Intellectual Property. He is also the Web Editor of the New York Law School Law Review, and is a Harlan Scholar with the Institute for Information Law and Policy. Throughout law school, Geoffrey has worked as an Intern with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and as a Summer Associate with Manhattan based new media and venture law firm MasurLaw. Ultimately, he wants to work at or launch a NYC tech company.

  • Title: Founder,; Law Student at New York Law School; Entrepreneur in Training
  • Age: 24
  • Location: Upper East Side
  • Contact: @GeoffreyWeg, Geoffrey Weg

You mention at the end of your bio that you ultimately want to work at or launch a NYC tech company.  Considering that you are at law school, what role do you picture yourself taking at a tech startup? 

I picture myself taking on a project management, business development, or an overall generalist role. I’ve focused my legal training on project-based problem solving, which my law school specializes in: identifying and analyzing real world problems, and then deriving and executing real world solutions. While substantive legal knowledge will be useful, it is the less tangible problem solving skills I’ve fine tuned that will help me the most as I take on these roles. Whether a law degree is valuable for an entrepreneur is definitely an interesting question, and it’s one that I posed on Quora a few months ago; the consensus seems to be that it is.

Your company, Wegsy, “seeks out amazing photographs by amazing photographer” and then works with them to create limited edition prints.  Can you hook us up with some links to examples of some of your favorite photographs and photographers?

grizzlyNess is my Tumblr photoblog where I gather my favorite photographs that I find on the web; featured are hundreds of photographs (and only photographs) by both emerging and established photographers. I am a huge fan of the Düsseldorf School of Photography movement, which involves such greats as Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth. Stéphane Couturier and Bas Princen have amazing abstract architecture work, which can be viewed on the Van Krankendonk Gallery’s website. Also checkout, which curates a great selection of photographs. Finally, I have to give a shout-out to Silvia Mogni, the first photographer to participate on Wegsy!

What are some of your favorite places here in New York City to take pictures?

A good picture can be taken anywhere, so it’s tough to say. I also shoot a wide variety of subject matter (landscapes, architecture, street scenes, crowds, abstracts, etc.), which different areas of NYC are better for. For what it’s worth, I’m usually shooting in Manhattan.

Are there any art based startups that you're interested in or that you think should exist?

Jen Bekman’s 20x200 is a great site that I think her and her team executed and are running very well. It actually inspired me to create Wegsy, which of course focuses solely photography. I think that some of the fine art photography journalism sites, such as FlakPhoto, are great and serve as a serious supplement to the new ways in which Internet users are now discovering and viewing photography online. In terms of discovering new photos, Tumblr is very useful. should also be very helpful in connecting its users with physical galleries that are selling work. As more and more art and photography websites pop up, I think it creates opportunities for aggregators: websites that link to other websites’ online art sales, and websites that provide coverage on the online photo community’s happenings.

CEO, Lawyer, Photographer