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Featured on Nov 25, 2010

Rameet Chawla

"Maybe Angry Birds are really angry because they need a slingshot to fly."


Rameet is a iPhone developer that comes from over 8 years of web development experience with a strong entrepreneurial and finance background. He graduated magnum cum laude from NYU's Stern School of Business with a triple major in Information Systems, Finance, and International Business.

Since his finance days Rameet has developed several award winning web and mobile applications for clients some of which include MTV, Coca-Cola, Wendy's, Urban Daddy, Sony, Sears and the Chicago Bulls. His mobile apps focus on augmented reality and location aware development.

Rameet now spends his days working on android and iPhone development as well as social strategy for NYC startups.

Do you listen to music while you are programming or do you prefer complete silence?  If you do listen to music, name a few artists that top your list please.

I always have tunes playing the background. My recent favorites are Oh Land. La Roux, Mr Vega, Yuksek, Ellie Goulding, Mark Ronson, Lykke Li, Röyksopp, Duck Sauce, Miami Horror, and Something A La Mode are also at top of my list.

When is the last time you took a vacation? And where did you end up going?

I'm on one right now. The route includes Kerala, Pondicherry and Bali. 

What's your favorite NYC startup that was founded this year? (still in private beta)

What are the first three sites you typically check each morning?,, and

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