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Startup   |   Funny Or Die
Funny or Die is a comedy brand for the 21st century. We produce hilarious, celebrity-based content for the web, TV, film, and mobile.
  • Location: New York
  • Date Posted: October 29, 2012

About This Job:

>>>>>> ABOUT OUR OUR TEAM: A very small team that works fast on new ideas. Passionate about putting out a great product. Located in New York's Flatiron district.


> INDESIGN/DPS EXPERT: "I kinda have used InDesign before once in school?" Nope, I am talking you know the ins and out of InDesign DPS BIG TIME. You know all the interactive features and how to use them correctly. You know the DPS bugs already and the work arounds to get the job done. You can layout text and import pre-optimized image for the smallest folio size possible. 
> PHOTOSHOP PRO: I can give you a PSD layout and you can go into the file, and cut it up and translate it to InDesign for a flawless victory. 
> CODE CHAMPION: We animate the magazine using javascript and HTML 5. You will need to be able to take the assets and make them move awesomely. (We use Hype) 
> GREAT ATTITUDE: A yes attitude is a must. You will receive challenges, some without an obvious answer. But a yes attitude knows to research and figure out a way to get it done. 
> HARD WORKER: So, you know-- magazines mean deadlines. And sometimes deadlines suck. But we will need a person to be there sometimes all hours of the night to get projects done. 
> DETAIL ORIENTATED: You notice the little design flare and animated around it. You can be given a list of notes and nail everyone without us needing to go back and double check everything. You notice the 1 pixel off on the layout and want it fixed. You notice how many misspellings I have in this ad, probably. 
> VERY ORGANIZED: Lists on lists on lists. You make your own todo lists. The inside of your files are clean and labeled perfectly so a stranger could pop in and understand everything completely. 
> COMMUNICATION: You have a question? Ask us! You have a suggestion? Suggest it to us! We need someone who is ready to talk it out so it can be done right the first time. 
> STOKED TO BE HERE: This job is awesome. We want you to be stoked to be here. We are. 

>>>>>> PERKS:

> RESPECT: You prove you can get the job done and we let you do it. 
> BEST TOOLS: You want new software to help out? Sure. Top of line laptop? No problem. Want something else crazy? LETS GET CRAZY. 
> COMPANY CULTURE: We ain't no chumps. We try our best to have a good time and leave the watercooler talk & office politics out of it. 
> DIET COKE: We have tons of it. 
> EVENTS: Neat events from time to time. Company outings from time to time. Stuff of that nature. 
> THE EXTRA GOODIES: Medical, dental, life, vision insurance, 401k, blah blah blah. 

>>>>>> HOW TO APPLY: Send over some examples of InDesign development and if possible HTML animation. Make sure to tell me about the projects and how you worked on them. Also include a little something about yourself and why you think you are a good fit for Funny Or Die and The Occasional. email: / subject: InDesign Developer Job