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Django DeveloperEmployee

Startup   |   Fitocracy
Fitness social network that gets you addicted to exercise
  • Location: New York
  • Date Posted: April 20, 2012

About This Job:

We are looking for exceptional software developers to help us take Fitocracy to the next level. Our team is solving really tough problems all set behind an awesome user experience that needs to scale to millions of users. You must kick ass at Python, Django, and Javascript as well as be biased toward shipping code and product. Since we are a small team, you will work not only on product development but pretty much any other challenge we can throw your way. We are offering a competitive salary and equity ownership. This is for a full time position in New York. And yes, we will help you relocate to the best city on Earth :)

What you'll be doing

  • Work closely with the rest of the Fitocracy team and deliver new features using Python, Django, and Javascript Help
  • Manage the servers and services we use: AWS, Linux, MySQL, nginx, uwsgi, redis, git, and Celery
  • Communicate constantly with both the team and the Fitocracy community
  • Track user feedback and continuously iterate on it
  • Test, release, and maintain your code
  • Make sure the user experience is consistently awesome

Skills & experience

  • You know Python and Django inside and out
  • You can traverse across the web development stack and you're quick to pick up new technologies
  • B.S. or higher in CS preferred but what matters most is that you can prove you know what you're doing
  • Significant experience with Linux, MySQL, nginx, AWS, redis, git, Celery, and Javascript. Expect to use/learn these all.
  • Fast at troubleshooting and reacting to issues as they arise
  • You are obsessed with delivering a great user experience
  • Bonus: you really care about health and fitness

How to apply

Email us at and include:

  • Resume
  • An explanation for why you want to join Fitocracy and why you think you'll be an awesome fit
  • Github profile
  • Examples of projects you've shipped