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Director of User GrowthEmployee

Startup   |   Dashlane
NYC/Paris based startup enabling instant checkouts, logins & registrations on every website and device. We turn web drudgery into web joy!
  • Location: New York, NY
  • Date Posted: November 21, 2012

About This Job:

Company: Dashlane is an NYC/Paris based startup that is replacing web drudgery with web joy. Our desktop and mobile apps enable instant checkouts, signups, and logins on every website without any site-side integration. We have made universal, keyboard-less transactions a reality on every device – all while maintaining the world’s best security and privacy architecture. Our apps have won many critical and popular awards (Popular Science Best of What’s New 2012, PC Mag Editor’s Choice, Finovate Best of Show, and others) in the few months that we’ve been public, and our super-happy user base is growing rapidly. Our executive & founding team has incredible experience and intellectual horsepower. Dashlane received 5MM in Series A funding in Sep 2011 from top NYC VCs, Rho Ventures and Firstmark Capital. See for more detail.

Role: We’re looking for a charismatic, highly energetic organic growth marketer that:

  • “Gets” inbound, organic & community driven marketing, and has demonstrated experience managing this function. This person will lead our efforts in this realm.
  • Can charm their way into relevant PR outlets by wearing many hats (ecommerce and shopping; lifestyle and lifehacking; privacy and security paranoids). This person will be our PR lead for the US, and we expect to do a lot of PR internally given the nuanced nature of our val prop.
  • Has demonstrated experience building and running segment-based marketing campaigns – switching between organic, paid, promotional and partnership-based approaches as needed
  • Has enough quantitative skills to be able to consistently measure outcomes of programs and prioritize accordingly. We are metrics junkies.
  • Is experienced enough to build a structured agenda out of a broad goal, manage multiple projects concurrently working with a cross functional team, and deliver consistent results
    • Ideally, this would be someone with at least 5 years of experience in relevant industries such as consumer technology or media
    • Some startup experience highly preferred; mix of startup and larger company experience a bonus; MBA is good as well but not necessary
  • Is very well versed with what’s current in mobile consumer tech, on consumer experience and technology. This person will be the face of the company to many constituents, and must reflect our excellence in user experience and technology in their conversation.
  • Fits in with our very unique culture
    • We’re all incredibly passionate about the problem we’re solving (read: don’t reach out unless you’ve tried and really like our product!)
    • We challenge each other to better outcomes all the time, and balance pride in our work with self-awareness about our shortcomings. There are no know-it-alls at Dashlane.
    • Like most good startups, we’re all self-starters. Whining is okay if you back it up with action and solutions! In summary, this person will be a vital senior team member that delivers on a significant portion of our biggest company objective – user growth.

The company perks: all the usual startup stuff – come in whenever and wear whatever as long as you get stuff done, work with the smartest people, keg-in-the-office, etc… with one twist. At Dashlane, you get to sit on the banks of the Seine every now and then for work.